The Octopus Boards


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This is the Octopus Boards that allows you to create a Board in just a few steps and add the wanted Incidents / SRs.


  Watch an introduction video


Other features will follow including the possibility of adding a card that is not linked to a request.

Configure the Permissions

There are three types of users in the Octopus boards. The standard licence is required to access the boards.

Here is the list of user types and possible permissions for each type:

  • Administrators
    • View board
    • Move cards
    • Add cards
    • Remove cards
    • Configure the board
    • Modify permissions
  • Collaborators
    • View board
    • Move cards
    • Add cards
    • Remove cards
  • Visitors
    • View board

How to grant / modify permissions

Configure the permissions with the button:

  • Design board

 The button is active if you have permission


Otherwise the button is inactive

  • Choose the permissions by user types
  • Add members

You can add the members:

  • Individually
  • By group
A board with no members
A board with one or more members


Visual Explanation


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Help us improve our articles