The Musts


Table of contents

This page presents the Octopus musts, which contribute to facilitate your daily work.

Useful Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier.


Function allowing fixing, moving or closing tabs.

  • Right-click on tab to fix
  • Drag and move the tab with a left click hold on the mouse
  • Close with the mouse central button or « CTRL + click »

Automatic Reactivation of a Request

Action reactivating a request that is pending or suspended.

Activity Types

Activity templates to improve work speed of Octopus users.

Email templates

Modify email templates sent to users and technicians.

External Commands

Trigger programs or scripts from Octopus.

Customization of lists & background colors

Adapt lists to find the information easier.

Advanced Search

Use advanced search criteria to create reusable lists.

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Help us improve our articles