What is a Confidential Request


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It is possible to mark a request as confidential. It affects the Type of SR or the Incident template as follows : 

  1. Octopus's automatic notifications (Email confirmations upon; creation; beginning of the work; resolution) are sent only to the requester.
  2. Only the Requester can see the request on the Web Portal.
  3. For a Type or SR, external assignees receiving tasks do not have access to the details of the SR.

The option can be enabled from the SR Type level only (not from the SR itself). 

For example, this option is useful for managing confidential employee dismissals. When an immediate supervisor submits a "Permanent Departure" form, he is the requester and designates the user in the form. If the SR Type is confidential, the user will not be notified and the request will not appear in his list of requests on the Web Portal. We can agree that whether a person is leaving by dismissal or voluntarily , there is no added value that the user sees this request. 

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