How the Automated Addition of Attached Files to CIs Work?


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Whether it is to add a procedure or for any other type of document, it is possible from the CI type configuration to ensure that each time a new CI of this type is created one or several documents are automatically added to the new CI.


To access the configuration, you must have the Administer Octopus permission.

  • From the Tools > Reference Data Management > CI > Types menu. 
  • Go to the Attached files tab of the CI type. 
  • Add, modify or delete the files to add.
  • Save the modifications and Close

Note that Octopus users must restart Octopus to get the changes.

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Each new CI of a type that contains attached files will automatically have these files in its own Attached files tab.

Whether the CI was created:

  • Manually
  • With the Duplicate action
  • If the CI is changed for a type that contains attached files
  • With an import
    • With ADSIReader
    • With DataImporter

This method will not add attached files to CIs that already exist, only to the next CIs created.

See With the Creation of a CI

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See With the Modification of the CI Type


CI Attached Files Management

It is important to understand how the attached files of a CI are managed during certain manipulations on CIs with attached files.

Duplication of a CI with Additional Attached Files

If you duplicate a CI that has other attached files in addition to those of the type, the additional attached files will be ignored during duplication.

The new CI will only have the attached file(s) from the type.

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Change the Type of a CI with Additional Attached Files

In order not to risk erasing data which should be kept, when modifying a CI type, all the attached files of a CI are preserved, including those which come automatically from the type.

If the new type has attached files too, they will be added. The Octopus user who does the manipulation will have to manually delete the extra files if necessary.

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