Group Assignation


Here are the rules that apply as there are several specifics for determining the assignment group.

  • Any change of site (creation or edition of the query) or template will lead to a re-evaluation of the assignment group.

  • When changing the site during the creation or edition of the request, here is the order of the group selection according to the first case that matches

  • Take the group configured in the template itself

  • Check if the template has a special assignment configuration, if so, take this group

  • Check if the site has a specific service center to configure, if so we take it

  • We take the default service center of the team.


Ce que vous devez savoir : 
  • When we change the user, we affect the site of the user only on the creation of an incident.
  • If you have already MANUALLY chosen a site during creation, it is not affected.
  • The above rules apply in the same way once the user's site is chosen.


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