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Each Octopus user has their own favourites list in which they can add the items of their choice. And of course, clicking on a favourite will open the item on the screen.

Add or Remove a Favourite

The following items can be added to the list of favourites:

  • Incident / SRs
  • Tasks
  • CIs
  • Changes
  • Events
  • Problems
  • Users
  • Service contracts
  • Lease contracts


Use the star button to add or remove an item from the list. 

The items in the list are sorted according to their type and each new item is added at the top of its section

Visual Explanation


Synchronization is done with other Octopus platforms.


  Trick : Although you can add a large number of items to favourites, a short list of favourites in constant movement is the best use of this option.

To see a list of fixed or numerous elements, we recommend a customized list.

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