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One year already since we started publishing these seasonal newsletters, sharing with you our changes, news and events, we hope that this information will continue to be useful to you.

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Team collaboration is a solution that you have been expecting for a while. Multiple scenarios have been proposed, discussed and analysed, and we have decided to implement the solution in phases. 

Therefore, the same service request (SR) may contain tasks assigned to IT, Building management and HR; handy for your new employee or move requests.


New features in Octopus


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Effort Management

Requested by many customers, we have introduced the effort management. It can be used automatically or manually, straight from an incident, an SR, a task or all other request types (problem, change, event).

To find out more, we invite you to read the complete Effort management article. 


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Sites reorganization

It is now possible to move sites and reorganize the main structure with ease. Sites can be moved to become subsites or vice versa. This enhancement supports changes that businesses live daily with mergers, acquisitions, growth, etc.

 Don't miss out on new features, visit the Release notes article regularly.


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Help us improve our articles