Release Notes Spring 2014


Welcome to Octopus Spring '14 version!


Save Time When Configuring Request Templates

Creating new request templates can be very time consuming, especially if we are trying to reproduce templates from one environment to another (test to production). 
This new option will help you save time

All of the elements from the incident template or SR type will be copied (priority, assigned group, tasks, Web form, etc.).
  • The CTRL+C and CTRL+V shortcut keys work, as well as right click and copy/paste

  • Incident templates can be copied to incident templates and SR types to SR types

  • Copying also works from one environment to another, for example from a test database to a production database

  • If both databases do not have the same configuration, the fields that do not correspond will be empty, for example the assigned group

Visual explanation


What you need to know : 
You must have Octopus administrator rights to access Tools -> Reference data management

New Shortcut and Addition to the File Menu

View My Timesheet Has Been Moved

To access it go to the File > View my timesheet menu.

New Keyboard Shortcut to Open the Activity Window

CTRL + SHIFT + N (ou CTRL + MAJ + N)

ATTENTION he shortcut will work only from within a request or from the edit zone (at the bottom). 

To view the list of all keyboard shortcuts, click the Octopus Shortcuts link.

Improved WMIUpdater Use from Within Octopus

It is now possible to include the /NoUsersDetection and /NoPrintersDetection parameters when you start WMIUpdater from within the application with Tools > Update the configuration of all computers

This configuration is done in Tools > Options > 3 - Important General Options

To exclude detecting user profiles and local printers, simply leave the corresponding box unchecked. By default, both boxes (Users detection and Printers detection) will not be checked..


Visual explanation



What you need to know : 

You must have Octopus administrator rights to access Tools-> Options

Improved Monitoring of Service Contract Renewals

It is now easier to manage the renewal of service contracts. The "Is renewed" field has been added to indicate that a contract has already been renewed. This field can be used in search criteria and/or be added as a column to a list. 

We recommend that you review the Expired service contract list from the Suppliers module and modify it. The criteria must be changed to add the new field: Is renewed equals no

For more information on the modification of lists, please see the List Customization article.

Additional Criteria for Advanced Search

Ability to Specify the Same Criterion More Then Once

It is now possible to use the same criterion (field) more than once in an advance search

For more information on advanced search, please see the following article Advanced Search

Additional Criteria in the Activity Node

When doing advanced search of activities, it is now possible to use the properties from the Incident/SR, Event, Task, Problem and Change nodes criteria.

These properties can also be added as columns in your lists. For more information on advanced searches, see the Advanced Search page.

New Column; External Identifier of a User

The user's external identifier is now available in advanced searches as well as in columns. For example, it normally represents the unique identifier in AD, the Object GUID.

Changes to the Web Portal Announcement

The Modify Web Portal announcement permission has been added to help target who in your team should have this access. This new permission can be found in the General section of the Permissions tab of the Octopus user..

Automatic Refresh of the List Counters Every Two Minutes

An automatic refresh is also done when a window is reactivated, for example if you change tabs.

Improvement of Other Options

New Variable for the Activity Email Template

We added the #Request.Activities variable to see activities within an email.

If you add the #Request.Activities variable to the "Allow to send activities via email" template, all the activities that have been checked as "Visible on the Web Portal" will be added to the email. This allows the person receiving the activity to see all the public communications about this request

Ability to Add a Note When Transferring a Request to Another Team

When you transfer a request to another team, it is now possible to add a note that will be visible from the other team.  

Visual explanation
Adding a note when during team transfer

Results after transfer

Planned Requests - New Indicator of Automatic Activation

When a planned request is to be automatically activated at a precise date, the system will indicate the next planned date. It is important to understand that the activation date of the planned request is not its creation date..

For more information on planned requests, see the Planned Request Management page.

Changes to the Phone Number Fields

  • Phone number format is validated in the user file
    • If a wrong format is used to enter information in the phone number or extension fields of a user, an error message will appear


Visual explanation

  • DataImporter allows more formats to import phone numbers in the OfficePhone field
    • Here are some examples of accepted formats; 999 999-9999 8888, 99999999998888, 999 999-9999 ext 8888, 999 999-9999 extension 8888, 999 999-9999.8888, 999 999-9999 ext.8888. If a number is specified in the PhoneExtension field, it will have precedence on the one imported with the phone number.

Access Management

User imports no longer generate the "Employee departure" service request for inactive users.

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