SLA Calculation


Why has the Incident/SR due date been changed automatically ?

The due date is calculated based on the configured SLA (Tools / Options menu), however this date can be recalculated automatically according to certain actions/changes:

  • Service hours
  • Holidays: adding, deleting or modifying
  • Enabling SLAs
  • Priority: Change to SLA characteristics
  • SR Type / Incident Template: Modification to SLA characteristics
  • Site: Modification to SLA characteristics
  • Changing the Start Date of an Incident-related Meeting
  • A change to an Incident/SR property:
  • Type: Incident vs SR
  • Template / Type of SR
  • Opened date
  • Status: Reopen, desuspension (Reactivate action)
  • Incident Priority
  • Incident Site

Via the Tools / Configuration Change journal menu it is possible to identify when and by whom the changes were made.


What you need to know  :  

The recalculation of the due date, including those in the past, is done on all open Incidents/SR. Therefore, SLA breach notifications may be sent again because past notifications are already deleted from the database.


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