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Importing the relationship between the users and the CI allows to add the users that use a CI. It is important to have previously added the users and the CI before doing this type of import.



What you need to know:

The reference template files (.xlsx et .xml) to prepare imports are included in the file.

Required Fields

  • CI – Text (125)
    • Name of CI to be related
  • User

Configuration File (XML)

The declaration of the source is done by indicating the CIUser value in the <Content> tag. 

NOTE: The XML file used as this example is for an import done from Excel 2007 or 2010. To explain the tags used in all types and to find out more about the types of files, please refer to the XML Configuration File article.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


     <Source Name="User CI Import">

          <ConnectionString>Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=c:\Import\CI.xlsx;Extended Properties="Excel 12.0 Xml;HDR=YES";</ConnectionString>

          <ViewName>[Import CI User$]</ViewName>







Information on Additional Tags

To import CI users, the XML file used can contain 1 additional tag. This tag is not mandatory and if it's not specified, the default value will be used. 

User Identification Method

In the XML file to import the relationship between the users and CI, it is possible to specify how the user will be found. This value becomes the unique key to the import. If this tag is not specified, the default value will be the CI name.

Permitted values for the UserIdentificationMethod tag:

  • UserByID: User employee number
  • UserByName: First and last name of user (in the following format John Smith)
  • UserByWindowsUsername (Default value): Windows username of the user

To use this tag, add the following line to the XML file:

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