Configurations - Octopus Standard Model


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When creating a new Octopus database, it comes with pre-established configurations to facilitate the integration experience of a request management tool based on ITIL key concepts.

This article describes the content of these configurations. We have made some modifications to our previous standard model; the SR structure has been revised. We have added tasks standard forms that propose more standard ways to work, that will help you to develop your own service requests. We have also revised the incidents categorization to make them more generic and aligned with ITIL.

These modifications have two (2) main goals: To better exploit the improvements made to Octopus in the past year, and also reinforce the Octopus approach, which focuses on rapid gains in parallel with the implementation of the tool.


  • Basic Configurations - Incidents
    • Includes the categories / sub-categories, the incident templates, impacts, urgencies, priorities, incident sources and reasons for canceling, marking as pending and suspending.

Service Requests

"Configurations" module- CMDB

General Configurations

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