Web Portal - How to Reset a User's Password


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If you use the Web Portal, you will sometimes have Users that cannot subcribe on their own to the Web Services or that cannot remember their password. 

You can create a Web Account and reset the password for the User directly in Octopus.

Minimal Requirements

In order to reset a password, the following conditions must be met:

  • The Octopus Assignee must have the "Modify a user" permission
  • The User's file must have the minimum information for the authentication method of the Web Portal, for example the "Windows Username" and a " End user (Web Portal)"licence 


  1.  Find the user in the "Users" Module and access his file
  2. From the Action Menu, select "Assign password" (see figure below)


    Figure 1

  3. A window will open and the system will propose a new password

    Figure 2

    If the password suits the User, click OK. 
    To select a different password, type it in the "New password" field, the system will ask you to confirm it. Then click OK.

    Figure 3

  4. Ask the User to login with the new password. He can modify it at any time on the Web Portal. 

    Figure 4

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