Reservation Management - Plug-in for equipment reservation



Plug-in for equipment reservation available in an equipment group. For example, a user can reserve 1 laptop, 2 monitors, a projector, etc. Equipments available for reservation will be automatically selected according to availability.

Contact the Octopus Service Desk if you wish to have this plug-in installed, you need to:

  • Plug-in name: ESI.Octopus.PlugIns.CIReservations
  • Team name and number.
  • Default installation or specify parameters and desired values.


Editable parameters

  • Modify the length of time before equipment becomes available again following the reservation end time: (default 30 minutes) unless the SR is resolved within these 30 minutes.
    Option name:  ESI.Octopus.PlugIns.CIReservations.EndDateOffsetInMinutes
  • Set maximum CI reservation duration (default is unlimited)
    Option name: ESI.Octopus.PlugIns.CIReservations.MaxReservationLengthInBusinessDays
  • Allow reservation cancellation (this option is active by default)
    Option name: ESI.Octopus.PlugIns.CIReservations.UserCanCancelManually

Note :  It is also possible to manage reservations with the default solution.
For more details, see this detailed article and the Webinaire Gestion des réservations (10 février 2021) in French only.

A  comparative chart of the two reservation management solutions is also available here.




CIs available for reservation will be marked Can be reserved - option already available in Octopus.


  • An SR type for equipment reservation must contain the special field Equipment reservation
    Note : If the type is not available, you must add it in the field configuration. 



When the application generates the form, a section dedicated to this field will include the following fields:

  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • List of CI types where there is at least one CI not retired, with the option Can be reserved and not reserved, i.e. available for reservation. A label with the type's name and a quantity field will be visible.
  • The number of pieces of equipment available for each "reservable" piece of equipment.



  • Use of the web portal (or form) is mandatory to enable users to submit this type of request..

How it works

  • In the Reservation section, the user must enter the start and end dates and times of the reservation.
  • The user then enters the desired quantity for each type of CI.
  • User submits request - 2 possible options :

    Insufficient quantity : When saving, if requested quantities have been reserved by another user before, or if the user has entered more quantities than those available, the system will display a warning message next to the quantity in question, indicating :
    Total quantity available:  User must correct it before resubmitting.


  • SR creation: When the request is saved, the system records reservations for the first X available CIs of each type requested..
    The system will sort CIs by Date of purchase if documented and/or by Date of creation, which favors the loan of recent equipment.

  • Thereafter, the SR will not be suspended (as in the case of a standard reservation in Octopus).

  • In Octopus, the Description field will contain the following information: : 
  • Start date/time and End date/time
  • Reserved equipments (CI) 


  • In Octopus, this information can be viewed from the Reservations tab, available only in reservation-type SR



  • At the end of the reservation, the reservation SR is not automatically resolved (as in the case of a standard reservation in Octopus).
  • It is not possible to modify a reservation, but it can be cancelled via the web portal.



  • As with standard reservations in Octopus, it will be possible to manually add or remove CIs from the initial reservation SR.
  • If any changes are made to the reservation (CI added or removed), the description field will not be updated. Only the reservation tab will have the changes adjusted.

  • This solution is not a complement to the specific resource reservation solution already present in Octopus by default:
    Here's the detailed article.

  • It is therefore not possible to use the 2 booking solutions for the same type of service request.

  • This function should only be used with SR types and not with incidents, since it is impossible to link more than one CI to an incident.

  • A member of staff can also modify or cancel a reservation using the Octopus.

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