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The 3.7 version introduces the possibilities of modifying the target for the advanced search:

How it works

You can access the list from any module:

  • Click on the double chevrons for the advanced search

  • Select the desired list from the proposed dropdown list
  • Click on the magnifying glass

Here are a few interesting scenarios…


  • Search for the efforts for a particular Octopus user for a specific period

  • Search for the resolution activities of a particular Octopus user for a specific period

  • Search activities with properties from Incidents/SR, Events, Tasks, Problems and Changes nodes


  • Search what is installed on a particular type of CI

  • Search a type of CI that is associated to an incident

  • Search CIs associated to a precise user

Rental Contract

  • Search rental contracts that will end during a given period

Service Contract

  • Search the service contracts for a specific type


  • Search for departments and sub-departments with no associated manager


  • Search in the notifications to find out if a notification was sent for a specific incident

  • Search the recent notifications sent to a specific Octopus user

  • Search for the notifications where there was an error during delivery

What you need to know : 
Octopus stores notification information for the 30 last days
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