External Commands


Octopus allows you to add command to the actions area or to the Tools menu to invoke external programs.  External commands can be applied with any record types in Octopus: CI, Users, Incidents, SRs, etc.

You can use this function to invoke VBScripts, Batch files, PowerShell scripts or any other program. If you can execute it from a command prompt, you can integrate it to Octopus.

Here are some examples:

  • Reboot a computer (CI)
  • Open the "C$" folder of a CI
  • Start a remote installation on a CI
  • Reset the password of a user for a specific system (Microsoft Windows, for example)
  • Disable a user in AD

The advantage of this solution is that Octopus transfers the desired parameters into an action. When you configure a command, you can use a syntax to tell Octopus how to execute those parameters. 


  • \\server\scripts\reset_password.ps1
  • %windir%\explorer.exe
  • ping.exe

To configure external commands, go to Tools > Reference Data Management > General > External Commands.  

What you need to know :

Configuration possibilities for this feature being endless, Octopus cannot commit to offer support on the configuration of external commands and their parameters; you need to make sure to have an internal resource with the required technical knowledge.
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