Fall 2018 Newsletter


Welcome to Our Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall is the ultimate season of harvest and this is particularly the case for Octopus this year!

Our development efforts for new platforms have paid off and we already have pilots among our customers who have been working with Octopus 5 and its mobile application for a few weeks now.

More good news; we are pleased to welcome 3 new recruits, who will help us to support our efficiency in development and to maintain our delivery capacity at the highest level.

As you wait for the next steps of the new era of Octopus use, here's the latest news.

Happy reading!



The webinars are back!

The end of the holidays marks the beginning of the new webinars season.

As always, new solutions like the Custom Field Library are among the subjects treated.

No time to listen to the live webinars? No worries, they are recorded and recently they have been made available to download as well.

To learn more, visit the Webinars page.

NOTE: For now the webinars are only in French, but some of the subjects will soon be recorded in English as well. 



New Features in Octopus


Octopus 5

We have had some customers pilot the new Octopus 5 version for a few weeks already. 

With every new version, they discover elements that are exclusive to this new version of Octopus such as:

  • The card view
  • The quick search across all modules
  • The favorites
  • The navigation history
  • And more!

Of course the number of regular features is also growing. A general release will be available soon.

To find out more, see the What's new in Octopus 5? article. 

Click the image to enlarge and then use the magnifying glass to see in detail.



New User Tests Initiative for Octopus 5

It is with great pleasure that we welcomed a few people to our offices for the first Octopus 5 user tests.

The big day was on July 26 and we especially want to thank the following people:

  • Michelle Gilbert of the CIUSS de l'Est-de-l'île-de-Montréal
  • Nathalie Chassé from St-Hubert Group
  • Isabelle Constant from Olymel

They lent themselves to the game and passed with flying colours! This really helped us "see" through their experience the places where we could further improve the customer experience of Octopus 5.

Michelle, Nathalie and Isabelle congratulations on having been the pioneer of user tests at Octopus!


The Octopus Mobile

As with Octopus 5, we have also had some pilots who have been working with the Octopus mobile for a few weeks.

Their first impression is that it's user-friendly and they are very happy to have access to their requests remotely. It's convenient to quickly communicate with customers, add photos to activities, and search for CIs using a barcode reader.

They already find this tool essential and are eager for the next features.

An Android version will soon be available.

...To be continued.


Hosting Attachments

As you may already know, hosting the attached files is required by the new Octopus 5 and mobile applications.

As the security of this data is at the forefront of our concerns, the new solution is safer and offers even more control over access to attachments.

Several customers have already agreed to switch to the new attachment hosting mode.

For more information see the File Hosting document. The English version is in the second part of the document. 


Warning Local Databases! - New Pre-requisites for the Octopus Server

Starting with the version 4.2.430, scheduled for the beginning of November, Octopus will require the installation of new .NET components on your Octopus server.

If you do not install these components, then the Octopus updates cannot be installed.

See details in the Octopus prerequisites article. 



To discover in detail all the new features since the last newsletter and more, visit the Release Notes page.


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