Updated date: 2 March 2023
The file directory must be configured for each team from Menu, Tools, Network directory containing the attached files:  
Updated date: 2 June 2020
Here is the list of shortcuts available in Octopus and Octopus 5. 
Updated date: 3 July 2020
Octopus, through MailIntegration, recognizes a request from the request number contained in the subject of the email. Example: [Confirmation] 2358 - Problem with my workstation
Updated date: 30 April 2020
In Octopus there is information to help distinguish between people when searching for a user. For example, their site name, department, their Windows username etc. Some information is there by default, but other variables can be added, removed or reordered. 
Updated date: 22 August 2017
The reason is probably that the software isn't managed.  The reason is probably that the software isn't managed. 
Updated date: 22 August 2017
When an error occurs, Octopus generates a log which describes the error in more detail.
Updated date: 21 December 2021
Here are the rules that apply as there are several specifics for determining the assignment group.
Updated date: 18 December 2019
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Updated date: 25 August 2021
Article detailing how to use the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) with Octopus.
Updated date: 20 November 2017
If Octopus is configured to send emails using a "from address" with your domain name (info@my-company.com instead of noreply@octopus-itsm.com) you must ensure that your email server allows "email relaying" for emails sent from IP address below:


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