Release Notes

Updated date: 24 September 2018
The 3.8 Release Notes combines the new features introduced with the 3.8 version of Octopus. 
Updated date: 10 October 2014
The Fall version has many changes, but few have an impact on the existing features. Therefore, its arrival will not require specific planning on your part. This page contains an overview of the most important changes of the version.
Updated date: 2 April 2018
If you are seeing this page today, it is to advise you of the arrival of the next Octopus version that will soon be installed in your environment.
Updated date: 15 October 2014
Welcome to Octopus Spring '14 version!
Updated date: 20 December 2018
  Welcome to our Winter 2017-2018 Newsletter!
Updated date: 5 April 2016
Main Release Notes
Updated date: 24 September 2018
Welcome to our Spring 2017 Newsletter Let it snow.... No more!
Updated date: 20 September 2015
Here is our Summer 2015 Newsletter which, we hope, will bring sunny weather. You'll find here news about Octopus, changes and features recently deployed.
Updated date: 10 October 2014
The Summer '13 version includes multiple new features, including the Planned requests module. If you have preventive maintenance or planned tasks configured, you now find them in the File menu, we suggest you carefully read the relevant section. Aside from this big change, this version doesn'...
Updated date: 20 June 2019
Welcome to Our Spring 2018 Newsletter Finally! Sugar time has arrived. As the sap goes up the trees,  at Octopus, it's an adrenaline rush that is raising the level of activity and creativity of the entire team.


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