DataImporter - Import Source Specification


Links to articles related to executing imports and configuring the XML file.

Import Source Specification

The format required for the data to import depends on the different types of import sources. Each source has its own specifications.

Use the article of the specific import source to find out in detail what is the format required to import that type of data. 

Important :  

A compressed file (.zip) containing an example in an Excel file (.xlsx) and one or more configuration files (.xml) has been added as a reference to each import source.



Reference file for CIs:


Suppliers / Lease Contracts / Service Contracts

Reference files for Suppliers / Lease and Service Contracts:



Parts Management

Reference file for Parts:



Reference file for Users:


Reference Data (Incident Template / SR / Change, Departments, etc.)

Reference files for Incident Templates / SR / Change / Departments:



Requests (Information, Activities and Attached Files)

Reference file for CIs:


Planned Requests

Reference file for CIs:
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