Octopus 5 preview version


Octopus 5 Trial Version

Reminder of the Octopus 5 and Octopus Mobile Preview Version

The purpose of the trial period is to get feedback on this brand new interface and make adjustments after the first experiences with our customers.

Please note that this is a "preview" version that is to say that the many of the features are not yet available.

On the other hand, new features will be added at each of our minor versions.

The goal is to be able to handle incidents, SRs and tasks in the new version in the fall of 2018.

The What's new in Octopus 5 button will show you progress for each minor release. 


What Works

  • Creating and update of incidents / SRs and tasks.

  • Essential actions to manage incident / SR are available.

  • Adding activities including attachments.

  • Viewing lists.

  • Quick search for Incidents, SR, CI and Users.

Specific Aspects

Some options are only partially working for now and are still under development. See bellow how they work at the moment.

  • The modification of a list must be done in the Windows version. The changes will be visible in Octopus 5 after.
  • The organization of the lists is not yet complete. The hierarchy is not yet available, so we must search the elements.

Upcoming Improvements Over the Next Few Months

  • Sorting and other manipulations in lists.

  • Editing lists.

  • Adding parts.

  • Adding more than one user.

  • The history.

  • For now, adding a CI only allows the replacement of the CI.

  • Adding attachments with drag & drop.

  • Some actions are to come, such as conversion, reopening.

  • Search options in general.

  • And more.


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Help us improve our articles